Up Inc. Launches Marketing Services to Galvanize Growth for eCommerce Businesses

January 19, 2021
Up Inc.

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Cliff Sarcona & Taisha Bonilla   
Up Inc. 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 29th, 2021

Up Inc. Launches Marketing Services to Galvanize Growth for eCommerce Businesses

Digital team tackles eCommerce with special strategies to reach today's customers

Los Angeles, CA: This week, Up Inc., the new eCommerce division of Zero Limit Web, announced a new focus for the company that capitalizes on their specialization and success in growing eCommerce businesses. In their role as digital marketing specialists for multiple brands, influencers, and other companies, Up Inc. has helped clients increase reach and awareness, and generate growth in sales by as much as 800% through their eCommerce SEO campaigns. As an agile team that adapts to the ever-changing digital landscape, Up Inc. is excited about their own rebranding efforts and laser-focused on offering the best tools to spark and sustain growth.

Regarding the agency’s pivot to promote their innovative marketing services primarily to eCommerce businesses, Marketing Director Taisha Bonilla explained, “Our success in the eCommerce arena is directly related to our Search and Discover Method, which drives loyal customers to reach the business through a path we strategically design along with the company. We wanted to strike while the iron was hot in this niche and help even more budding brands do their best.”

To reach the level of success they’ve had up to this point, Up Inc. has:

  • Strategized with SEO experts and data specialists on the team who work closely with clients in order to identify the ideal customer, ask the right questions, and get that competitive edge.
  • Stayed on top of trends in digital marketing, and developed their own unique approach to onboard new clients.
  • Consistently built campaigns around the customer, and worked with clients to prepare the path to transform a buyer into a brand evangelist whose loyalty leads to future sales.
  • Shared the stories of satisfied clients who offer high praise like, “They took us through their Search & Discovery Method, and it had immediate benefits for our business development process. Our search ranking on Google has gone through the roof as well. We're beyond impressed.”

Now that Up Inc. has a respectable roster of success stories, the goal is to help other emerging eCommerce companies connect to their future customers faster and more efficiently. As stated by, Up Inc.’s Marketing Director Tai Bonilla, “We’d love to help eCommerce companies find their following and increase revenue, since we also started as entrepreneurs looking to put our strengths to work. We aim to elevate the companies that best align with our core set of values, namely, hard work, passion for their craft, and dedication to marketing their business long term.”

Up Inc. is accepting new client requests, digital marketing services are ongoing, and the new Up Inc. site goes live on 1/19/2021.


About Up Inc.: Up Inc. is a division of Zero Limit Web, a digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2021, Up Inc. specializes in eCommerce, generating growth for brands by focusing on visibility, customer loyalty, and digital revenue.


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